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Eaton in association with Times of India brings the first ever nationwide building safety campaign to spread awareness and drive focus towards electrical safety in residences , office complexes and public buildings.

In today’s complex business environment , stringent budgets and timeframes , it’s important to ensure that safety is the top priority. How do we delivery safety while operating within various constrains requires deep discussion and a look through the various regulations , design implementations and this campaign aims to elevate the same.

Blueprint of safety is a nationwide forum of industry participants to drive innovation , standards and best practices in building safety. A forum that is created by the two industry leaders , Eaton Corporation – having a strong 110 years of technical innovation background and domain expertise in more than 175 countries in the electrical power distribution and switchgear business & The Times of India – largest selling English language daily having deep penetration into the real estate business, is the best opportunity to understand building safety. Along with TOI , the campaign brings together the best brains and rich experience from our well known and reputed Electrical Consultants , Building Developer’s Technical Teams , Electrical Contractors ,Panel Builders and architects from all over India across 7 major cities

Be a part of the most prominent building electrical safety discussion forum and take charge of what’s important to your client’s safety and security. It’s time that we prioritize electrical safety. Together let’s learn and build a safer India.

Message from the Eaton’s Leadership Team

Mr. Syed S Ali, Managing Director, Eaton – Electrical Sector (India)

We are extremely delighted to launch “Blueprint for Safety” campaign in association with TOI across 7 cities in India. Throughout our legacy of 110 years, safety of people and assets has been one of our top innovation priorities. India being one of the largest demographical settlements in the world with varying application patterns and education levels, delivering electrical safety in buildings becomes even more challenging. It is a known fact that most fire accidents in buildings are due to improper handling of electricity. In stark contrast, with proactive planning and investment in right technology, life and assets can be safeguarded in an economic way. Through this campaign, our attempt will be to bring focus to this important issue and allow experts to share knowledge and best practices.

We wish you all the best in the journey of learning and getting aware about electrical safety. Get enriched with the experiences of your fellow experts and we would love to hear back from you for any help or assistance required from Team Eaton.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Director Marketing, Eaton - Electrical Sector ( India )

“Blueprint for Safety” is one of our most important campaigns in the recent past wherein we have tied up with The Times of India in order to bring awareness to millions of people across India. We witness lives suffering due to lack of electrical safety. Being global market leaders in the Electrical Industry, we take this opportunity to invite industry leading builders and reputed electrical consultants in a forum and share their insights on how we should go about driving this top priority. This is a platform for you to participate and contribute by submitting blogs, case studies and thoughts in our panel discussions and event website. We have also tied up with various associations to bring diverse ideas and present it to the people of India. I am sure all of us will have great learning experience through the series of events across 7 major cities in India.

Mr. Ripunjay M Parikh, Director Sales, Power Distribution Division, Eaton – Electrical Sector (India)

We are excited to be connected with the building industry and take up this initiative which prioritizes electrical safety for buildings. Increasing number of building electrical accidents have resulted in even more stringent norms and standards getting set by the regulatory bodies. We at Eaton give utmost importance to human safety as well as safety to equipment and facilities. It becomes critical to work with the industry leaders and trendsetters and develop and approach towards ensuring the same. We at Eaton are passionate about technology and this event will provide us the opportunity to bring the same to everyone. The journey to safe India does not end here, it has just begun!

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